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Being a David Mack / Propaganda Client Could Kill Your Reputation



Like it says in the Good Book... Do unto others as you would have done unto you. It doesn't say "Shit all over people for 20 years and then threaten lawsuits when you get caught." Maybe one day David Mack and his flavor of the month partner will figure it out, that you have to do good FIRST for people to treat you like a good person. You don't get to lie, steal, hurt people, and run away in the night, and then cry wolf when it catches up to you. How about try being decent and honest?  Then maybe the rein of retribution will end. Even alcoholics make amends for their wrongs. We have a long list of your wrongs, they are coming in from all over the world now that people have found this site. Maybe if you stop using and abusing your employees and vendors, and start making amends for all the times you've hurt people (including little helpless children by taking food off their table and sending their parents to the poorhouse), maybe the golden rule will start to apply to you. Tell Rene Gage to stop threatening and hurting people too.  You don't like the TRUTH being told... well maybe you all should change the reality so the TRUE stories about you stop being so ugly. You have all the power. 

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Spreading the Wealth: Rene Gage and Gage Your Books


listen to this stupidity: attorney told me that I could get sued. Not BY DAVID MACK, but by the people HE is coming on this site and slamming!!!  They say it's because I'm not the author but I'm still the publisher of his defaming comments. We thought it was doing the right thing to delete DAVID MACK'S douchey pathetic attacks, but attorney says it would actually be better proof of what he did if we'd of left them in place. And one of the other people was ready to file.... just waiting for one more piece of ammo.

Just another way for that POS to get away with being a POS. THEY'RE LYING IN WAIT, YOU SCUM. Go ahead and keep being your f--ked up self.  But you won't do it with my help any more. It's not worth my time. I was never afraid of your threats and I'm still not. You're going to get caught and nailed to the wall. So glad you are GONE and no-one has to see your pervert face any more!!  When you start your next business (probably next week haha) you should just name it "Going Bankrupt Soon, LLC."

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bankrupt businessman David Mack has set up business again in Texas

Wanganui Chronicle, 23 Mar 2011

Mack has set up business in Texas

Bankrupted former Wanganui businessman David Mack is believed to have set up business again after moving out of Wanganui in 2009, leaving behind a long trail of debt and angry people.

Mr Mack's new business is understood to be based in Texas, in the United States.

Judged bankrupt in the Wanganui District Court in February last year, Mr Mack did not appear at the hearing, but ignored a request by a judge to settle his outstanding debt of thousands of dollars in Wanganui. Several local businesses were owed money, among them Mickey's Super Liquor in Puriri Street (owed $5000), Wanganui Security Services (owed several thousand dollars), Wanganui Chronicle ($14,000) and Stellar Bar ($1500).

The Texan owner of a small internet and graphic design agency emailed the Wanganui Chronicle after "googling" David Mack.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had a business dealing with Mr Mack recently but had noticed "red flags" right away, "hence me Googling him to learn more," she said.

The woman had worked on a small project to go together with a promotion run by Mr Mack to launch his new business.

"He paid in full but then his work could not be handed-off until it was paid in full," the woman said.

The woman said she received a call from a bank a few weeks ago. "David Mack had listed me as a credit reference. I told the bank he had paid me in full, a whopping $450 for a small project, but we have never discussed an arrangement for a line of credit. I would never extend this to long-term, existing clients, much less a newbie client."

Kiwi-born Mr Mack had returned to New Zealand after failed business attempts in the United States.

According to the National Business Review, in February 2005 Mr Mack had gone to ground after his third business collapse left creditors out of pocket and the Inland Revenue owed money. He came to Wanganui in early 2007 and set up a marketing and advertising business, David Mack and Associates, in Victoria Ave. Mr Mack was banned from all director/managerial roles by the Ministry of Economic Development (Insolvency and Trustee Service) from October 11, 2005 to October 11, 2008.


By Lin Ferguson 

Originally published 23 Mar 2011 in Wanganui Chronicle

Saturday, February 20, 2010

David Mack has reached the end of the financial road

From Shark Patrol, a New Zealand blog that finds fraud and helps businesses settle their debts with con artists, comes this link to Wanganui Chronicle:

Former Wanganui businessman David Mack has reached the end of the financial road - again.

Mack was judged bankrupt in the Wanganui District Court this week after a hearing lasting less than three minutes.

He did not appear at the hearing nor did he respond to a request by a judge at a hearing in December to settle his outstanding debts.

The Kiwi-born Mack, now living in Auckland, had returned to New Zealand after failed business attempts in the United States.

According to National Business Review on February 4, 2005, Mack had gone to ground after his third business collapse left creditors out of pocket and the Inland Revenue Department owed a fortune.

"David Mack's business career faces a final blow, with action lodged to have him and his wife, Kathryn, banned as directors," the 2005 story said.

Mack was banned from director/managerial roles by the Ministry of Economic Development (Insolvency and Trustee Service) effective from October 11, 2005 to October 11, 2008. The three companies in which Mack was either the managing director and/or chief executive that had gone into liquidation were marketing and restaurant businesses.

In early 2007 Mack arrived in Wanganui and set up a marketing and advertising business, David Mack and Associates, in Victoria Ave. Mack commuted between Auckland and Wanganui until November that year, when he moved to the River City.

Hired by the Wanganui District Council's economic development agency (WINC), Mack's company assisted in a district branding exercise on behalf of the council.

But in May 2007 the council launched an inquiry into Mack's business background after allegations of "improper influence" were made by the general manager of Wanganui Newspapers, Andy Jarden.  Mr Jarden's allegations referred to Mack's being an undischarged bankrupt and banned from being a company director. During the investigation the inquiry Mack's company in Wanganui did not appear to be registered. Even though the inquiry concluded  no legal transgression had occurred, Mack had "clearly erred" in not volunteering his recent commercial past, the report said.

In a written apology Mack thanked the inquiry investigation team for their fair treatment in the matter. The report quoted Mack as saying: "Please be assured that this apology is truly sincere, and I can only assure that I will not make the same mistakes again."

But in January 2009 Mack left Wanganui, leaving a trail of debt and angry people in his wake...

Full story here.

One year after this story, David Mack and Kathryn Mack had moved their operations to Frisco, Texas, where Kathryn Mack purchased property to pick up what one unhappy New Zealand debtor called the "Bonnie and Clyde" act.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Banned and bankrupt: What council didn't know about branding man

THE MAN who prepared the Wanganui District Council's rebranding and the new brand for Wanganui Gas' retail division, Energy Direct, was working illegally.

David Mack did not reveal to them he was an undischarged bankrupt and banned company director and had not sought permission of the office of the Official Assignee to resume work on his own account, as he is obliged to by law.

And following Chronicle inquiries, the Official Assignee in Auckland has confirmed his office will investigate Mr Mack's business dealings in Wanganui.

Mr Mack, who fronts David Mack and Associates, is an undischarged bankrupt and banned from holding a company directorship or managerial role until October next year.

The bans were imposed by the Ministry of Economic Development's insolvency and trustee service and are effective from October 11, 2005 to October 11, 2008.
Three companies of which Mr Mack was the managing director and/or chief executive went into liquidation between 2003 and 2005. They were marketing and restaurant businesses in Auckland, and hundreds of thousands of dollars were reportedly owed to creditors, including the Inland Revenue Department.
David Harte, the Official Assignee for Auckland, told the Chronicle yesterday that Mr Mack needed prior written consent before he could resume business in a self-employed capacity, but he had not done that.

Mr Harte said the rules governing business activities of any bankrupt were clear.
"Any bankrupt can be employed, no problem there. But if a person wants to be self-employed or work for a family business, they need the prior consent of this office before they can do that."

Mr Harte's office had no knowledge that Mr Mack was doing business as David Mack and Associates for the district council or Wanganui Gas.

"If Mr Mack is holding himself out to be self-employed or working for a family business, he does not have the consent of this office so what he's doing is in breach of the Insolvency Act, and we will be investigating that.

"What I have noted is that interestingly, and perhaps soon after you got involved investigating it, we received an application just over a couple of weeks ago from Mr Mack, and which is being assessed in terms of him seeking an application to be self-employed.

But that hasn't been granted yet," Mr Harte said.

"Even if a person has an application in, they're not allowed to do anything until they have consent. He has not received consent from this office, so he should not be trading," Mr Harte said.

The Wanganui Chronicle began looking into Mr Mack's business background about a month ago and discovered that neither the Wanganui District Council nor Wanganui Gas was aware of his previous business failings.

When Mr Mack learned of our inquiries, he asked for time to disclose the information to the council and his other local clients.

He promised an interview with the Chronicle and said he would have all the details for that interview and supporting documentation.

However, despite repeated attempts by the Chronicle to contact Mr Mack since then, he has not responded.

In the past year, Mr Mack was paid for preparing the Wanganui District Council's rebranding and the branding of the council-owned gas and electricity company, Energy Direct.

He had been engaged by the council's economic development arm, Wanganui Inc (Winc), to handle the city's rebranding. As a result of that work, he was given the Wanganui Gas contract.

He was taken on after the gas company management sounded out several brand managers.

The council paid Mr Mack a total of $26,302. No precise figure is yet available on how much he received for his Energy Direct work. But in an interview with the Chronicle last month, Wanganui Gas CEO Trevor Goodwin said the whole branding programme cost about $100,000, of which Mr Mack would have received about $20,000.

On Friday, May 11, the district council launched an inquiry after receiving a complaint from Andy Jarden, general manager of the Wanganui Chronicle.

The council inquiry team reported that Mr Jarden alleged that "improper influence" had been brought to bear on his company by "person or persons" purporting to represent the gas company and the council.

The investigation found that Winc had no idea of the commercial bans against Mr Mack, nor did it make any background checks on him other than relying on a reference from a Winc staff member.

No district councillors or council staff were aware of Mr Mack's commercial background, and he did not disclose that information either...

BY JOHN MASLIN June 9, 2007